Put a Stop to Click Fraud Now

Block invalid traffic on Google, Bing, Facebook & Instagram

Say Hello to More Buying Customers

Beacon’s smart technology provides click fraud protection and transparency on invalid traffic, showing you on each of your campaigns, how many human visitors have clicked vs how many bots.

Once bots are detected, Beacon blocks them. After all, it’s real people that buy, not bots!

Beacon Click fraud protection for Google, Facebook, Bing and Instagram

Stop bots clicking & wasting your ad spend

Beacon includes click fraud protection on Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.  We are the only UK company that detects and guards against click fraud on Facebook. 

Improve PPC ROAS

Beacon aids improvement of your PPC campaign ROAS as you can identify exactly what is working and driving conversions at campaign, ad set and ad level, for better decision-making on where to spend budget.

Facebook ROAS increase

Why You Need Click Fraud Protection

Click Fraud is Costing You Money

Click fraud is estimated to cost advertisers over $50 billion a year by 2025, and if you run PPC campaigns this affects you too.

Ad fraud, click fraud, bot clicks, invalid traffic – it all amounts to the same thing-  wasted ad spend.

Accurate Multi-Channel Marketing Data

It’s not just PPC ads that are affected by unwanted bot clicks, it’s also your content campaigns and Beacon is just as effective in detecting and blocking the bots there too.

Without invalid traffic skewing your stats, you’ll be armed with accurate and transparent data on all of your campaigns.

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Andrew Jacobs - OTTY

“”Beacon has eliminated 60% of invalid, non-human clicks! We’re now reaching more real people with our ads, giving us much better value from our ad spend.”

Andrew Jacobs, Digital Marketing Manager, OTTY

Why Beacon?

Multi-Channel Measurement & Reporting

Winner of the 2021 Tech Nation Award for Cyber Security, Beacon is a campaign intelligence platform with real-time information and data you can trust. With campaign measurement, reporting, visitor engagement ratings and click fraud protection, it empowers marketers to accurately measure campaign results and get a better campaign ROI.

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Explore All Features

Google, Facebook & Instagram 

Protection against clicks and engagement where you need it 

Beacon stops bots clicking, and also stops bots from engaging with your ads – which is fantastic news for CPM advertisers.

This is available with Google Ads and Facebook and Instagram Ads, which also includes both platforms’ ad/audience networks.

Pull in PPC spend to see ROAS 

Beacon ad connectors make it easy to see your campaign spend and return metrics. Connect Google and Facebook ad accounts once and Beacon does the rest.

Campaign spend will automatically be updated daily giving you accurate campaign performance on bot activity, real human engagement and return on ad spend.

Data you can trust

More insight

Beacon uses a number of parameters to score visit and visitor engagement; including what actions were carried out during a visit, how long was spent on the site, the type of visitor, as well as other behavioural and technical parameters which might show greater or lesser levels of engagement.

These are collated into a ‘star rating’, with 5 stars meaning a significant degree of interest & engagement with your website and organisation, down to 0 stars indicating almost no interest or engagement.

Spend time where it counts

Decision making

Beacon’s all-in-one-place dashboard enables you to quickly identify your campaigns generating the most engaged human visitors compared with bot traffic.

With Beacon at your side, helping you to measure the impact of your online marketing, you’ll have more time to spend analysing and making informed decisions.

With these additional insights, you’ll be able to improve campaign performance and generate a better ROI over the long-term.

Let Beacon’s marketing intelligence drive your marketing reporting, measurement, and campaign optimisation.

Attractive campaign reports at the touch of a button 

Report Image

Produce stunning campaign reports that perfectly showcase your KPI’s- these reports are sure to impress!  Customise your reports for each stakeholder, including your CMO and digital teams — with a fully editable executive summary and campaign overview.

Beacon reports combine all your website key metrics such as clicks, bounce rate, time on site and pageviews with campaign KPIs to provide a comprehensive picture of your online marketing campaign performance.

Beacon Gets Results Fast

Beacon click fraud protection
Emma Blunt, , DirectorRecognition Creative

“Beacon brings all that [digital marketing] knowledge together in one place so I can see instantly how our lead generation campaigns are working.”

Emma Blunt, Director, Recognition Creative

Leading technology
Real people

Beacon is taking the lead in empowering brands and marketing agencies to take control of their digital marketing data.

Our friendly UK team of data and marketing experts are on hand if you have any questions about how Beacon can help solve your challenges.

Frequently asked questions

Beacon uses the same mechanism as other click fraud software providers which is to block IP’s in the account and we regularly update the IP addresses. However, where Beacon differs is that we construct the IP list specifically for the client.

Beacon detects and prevents click fraud on all channels, so all your PPC campaigns can be protected.

Beacon pricing is based on a few variables such as the number of human visitors through the platform per month. Please request your quote via our pricing page.