Research from Marketing Sherpa E commerce Benchmark Study shows that ecommerce brands spend 29-57% of their budget on paid search and for other business sectors, marketing accounts for around 7-10% of revenue.

And yet, Gartner’s latest Marketing Data and Analytics Survey 2020 shows that:

Only 54% of marketing decisions are being influenced by marketing analytics

The research points to poor quality data as the #1 reason for uninformed marketing decisions.

Inaccurate marketing data is detrimental to how campaign performance is measured and what actions are taken.

This is a worrying trend when respondents are citing poor data quality, unactionable results and nebulous recommendations as top reasons for why they don’t rely on analytics to make decisions.

Where is marketing analytics going wrong?

Gartner’s survey found the top impediments for hindering analytics teams’ successes were:

  • Manual Data Preparation/Pulls Take Too Much Time
  • Inability to Connect Data and Analytics to Business Value
  • Inability to Connect Analysis to Insight

Without quality data, clear recommendations and actionable guidance, analytics can never drive change in any organisation.

According to the Gartner report, digital campaign analysis is an area where analytics has the most ground to make up in order to meet the expectations of senior marketing leaders.

Ask a paid search marketer what it means to optimise the ROAS on a paid campaign and most will say it’s about working with the campaign structure (keyword strategy, ad copy and ad testing, geo targeting etc) and landing page optimisation.

However, campaign optimisation is only half of the solution.

The less talked about issue is click fraud. According to research, up to 70% of your marketing budget could be being lost to bots and click fraud.

Global losses from Click fraud have now overtaken credit card fraud. It has been dubbed the biggest story in tech that no one’s talking about.  If you’re unaware of the Uber case where they turned off $100m of ad spend and saw no difference in sales, it’s well worth a read.

With its smart ‘human visitors’ technology, Beacon identifies human visitors and non-human visitors and reports on this at channel and campaign level.

With transparency on bot clicks and real human visitors, Beacon gives marketers accurate data on which to base decision-making, enabling a higher return on ad spend.

As digital ad spend continues to grow, it’s even more vital to understand campaign performance at channel, campaign and ad level with transparency around how many bots are clicking your ads and therefore wasting precious marketing budget.

Beacon empowers CMOs and CFOs to improve their digital marketing performance based on accurate independent, unbiased data and insights, allowing them to reduce waste, reduce fraud, get better results and increase their digital Return On Investment (ROI).

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