Does your social media agency give you enough insights into how your brand is performing on social media and – more importantly – what can be done to improve any shortfalls?

There’s no question that having a strong social presence really can help your brand and drive traffic to the website you are promoting. And while you might get away with the occasional post to a Facebook page or a few Tweets a week, that’s not going to grow a loyal base of customers and potential clients. So your social media marketing agency should have a good strategy and an effective way of reporting back to you.

Key Social Media Agency Services

There are a number of key social media agency services (these can change depending on the focus of the agency) but these are the ones we believe should be expected as a minimum:

  • Social Content Strategy
  • Social Content Creation
  • Social Promotions
  • Measurement and Monitoring
  • Social Listening

But what does the above actually mean you’ll get in practical terms? Your agency should provide a clear strategy with KPI and ROI targets which have real business goals as their focus. They should provide ongoing communication and detailed reports so you can see what is happening with your social media activity. And, they should be constantly monitoring, analysing data and checking their strategy to get the best results.

Social Media Agency charts

The vital things you need to know from your marketing team or social media agency are the following:

  • Social engagement metrics (likes, shares and follows) – although these in isolation are not particularly meaningful. Agencies should be able to assess and measure what content works best on which platform.
  • Most effective social network – this is important to help focus where the majority of budget and time is spent.
  • Traffic from social – this needs to be regularly monitored on a week-by-week basis and include detailed analysis of what is happening (increases or decreases) on each social platform being used.
  • Post-by-post analytics – agencies should know which of their client’s social posts are generating direct results on their client’s website. Which post is the most effective in sending traffic? Which post has resulted in a sale? What is the best time to post? Your social media team should understand the customer journey from a social media post, all the way through to conversion – otherwise they are only reporting half of the story.

Don’t Get Lost In The Likes

Finding a social media agency which can give you these analytics is vital. Agencies need to be able to drill down into any single social media post and get the analytics and metrics which allow them to tailor future campaigns and ensure the brand content they’re providing is engaging with customers and driving traffic to the website these posts are promoting.

It’s easy to get lost in the likes, shares, comments and followers that a brand has on an individual social platform, and lose site of the actual business goals that all of these interactions should be focused on. It is important to know if people are actually visiting the links on your social posts, and extremely useful to understand how these visitors behave when they land on your page.

Beacon lets you see beyond likes and shares, and reveals what effect your social posts have on your website and business as a whole.

Beacon lets you see beyond likes and shares, and reveals what effect your social posts have on your website and business as a whole.

Having thousands of followers on your Facebook page isn’t worth anything if they’re not engaging in the way you want them to – in most cases, converting to a sale. You’re not getting a true Return on Investment.

Social media agencies need to analyse the results of their activities for clients and then optimize to meet those business goals. Make sure you agree with the metrics they’re going to measure. Check they’re not missing out on any of the four mentioned above. Get them to explain why the metrics are important.

It’s vital that your agency regularly reports back to you. Make sure you have a reporting process which aligns with your business needs and includes the Key Performance Indicators that are specific to your business.

Understand The Brand

An agency should understand your brand as well as you do. They should be invested in promoting it and should care about your successes and be altering their social content strategy constantly in order to get the best results.

Data-driven decisions are the gold standard in management today. You want a social media agency that is able to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and techniques while also keeping track of data and other metrics.

And one final thing to consider.

Does the social media agency practice what they preach? If the services they offer work, they will be using them for themselves as well.  And if they don’t use Beacon to track and measure your brands’ social posts, do they really know the whole story?