The sun is shining and we are pleased to release Beacon v5.0.4, our latest version of the leading Digital Marketing Intelligence platform which includes a number of user interface and data processing speed updates, as well as some features requested by our customers, including data exports and report generation.

The latest iteration of the Beacon dashboard includes all the top level marketing campaign data you need to see at a glance.

Generate a PDF report in seconds

What used to take hours now takes seconds. You can export a campaign report PDF that gives an overview of the website visits, user behaviour, spend and bot click data.

These reports are perfect for generating to send to clients or management, and means you no longer have to pull data from various sources into a time-consuming spreadsheet. You can generate a report for one or many campaigns, and are also able to select a date range to report on.

Better campaign reporting and data insights

Alongside the campaign report generation, we’ve tweaked the campaign reporting within the Beacon app. You can now view your campaigns sending traffic from the dashboard, as well as presenting the number of leads generated by a campaign on the campaigns page.

Quickly see how you campaign is performing from the Campaigns screen.

We’re really pleased with this latest release of Beacon and our customers are continually giving us excellent feedback and helping us shape our product. Please get in touch to arrange a free demo today!