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What's the real ROI on your Facebook Ads? Webinar

Ecommerce Webinar: What’s the real ROI on your Facebook Ads?

In this session, we hear from Edward Upton and Ari Messer of Littledata about how to calculate true ROI from your Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Dive into the details of marketing attribution with us…

This webinar was recorded on 4th March 2021 and is now available as a webinar on demand. In this free webinar our guests, Littledata dive into the details of marketing attribution and Facebook campaign ROI.

Pretty much all ecommerce brands today are using Facebook and Instagram ads as part of their digital marketing mix. When it comes to Facebook ads, marketers are drawn to messaging about a strong return on investment. But are you measuring that return correctly?

You will learn:

  • Common issues with marketing attribution
  • How to track post-click shopping behaviour (what happens after someone clicks an ad)
  • The importance of using external platforms for an unbiased view of marketing channels
  • How to calculate complete ROI for your Facebook and Instagram Ad spend, including repeat purchases, refunds, and customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • How benchmarking your site against similar brands can help make sense of the data

About Littledata

Littledata automatically fixes tracking for Shopify stores, offering complete marketing attribution, accurate sales data, and custom dimensions for lifetime value reporting (LTV).

About Beacon

Beacon is the digital marketing campaign intelligence platform that is easy-to-use and presents real-time information based on data you can trust. It empowers marketers to accurately measure campaign results, take back control of their digital spend, and get a better ROI on their campaigns.