Gain deeper insights with social media analytics

See beyond likes and shares, and discover the real results of your media marketing with social media analytics and data insights.

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Attribute sales from social

See directly which social post resulted in a conversion

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Measure visitor

Attribute website activity to your marketing efforts

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See the full

Learn which social networks deliver the best results

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Measure your visitor journeys from any social post

  • Track visitor journeys from social post to sale
  • Attribute your results to social campaigns across any social network
  • Measure website visitor engagement and optimise the customer experience

Report on all your social campaigns in one place

  • See the results of your campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more
  • Track leads and conversions that result from your social marketing
  • Learn which social channels are driving the most website traffic

Attribute business results to marketing activity

  • Discover what marketing drives the most engaged website traffic
  • Learn where to spend your digital marketing budget
  • Reveal which marketing links result in conversion
Jon Davies, Chatter

“Beacon is helping us take a more agile and informed approach to how we spend clients media budgets”

Jon Davies, Partner

Chatter Communications

Chris Morris

“Preparing reports manually, with in depth insights, can take hours; export this data from here, import from there – time consuming! Using Beacon saves us a lot of time.”

Chris Morris, Founder

Shoo Social Media