Amazing web and social analytics for retailers.

Beacon helps retailers to attribute real business results to social media marketing efforts, right down to knowing which post on which social network resulted in ‘that sale’ on the website. Do more of what works.

Retail post profit

Speak to us today about integrating into your eCommerce system for ‘post-to-profit’ reporting.

Shopify, Drupal, Wordpress, Magneto, Squarespace

Boost your business with Beacon

As part of an online marketing strategy, social media is a great way for retailers to boost sales, gather more customers and develop their business

Understand your customers better

Gather a wealth of knowledge about your customers, build a rapport and gain a greater insight of your customers’ wants, needs and trends

Build relationships and increase sales

With a strategic and creative vision, combined with Beacon’s technology, social media can be an invaluable tool for building customer relationships and driving in-store and online sales

Discover your ‘post to profit’ journey

Today's path-to-purchase (or, as we say, ‘post-to-profit’) is evolving by the day. Use Beacon to understand the role of social media in determining and influencing consumers' behaviours

Understand social media’s impact on your business

Beacon reveals the impact social media has on every aspect of a retail business, and helps you to personalise the customer experience, nurture relationships, and drive revenue

The indispensable tool for your retail business

If you are a retailer that uses social media to drive sales, and needs to know which channel and social posts are delivering the best results (sales, conversion, reviews etc.) then you need Beacon

Only Beacon reveals website visitor actions from any social post. Start Today!