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Helping you to gain that competitive advantage with Beacon

We provide a range of services to help organisations to make the most of Beacon to deliver that vital competitive advantage. Our services are designed to:

  • Help get you started
  • Integrate Beacon into your existing technology stack
  • Ensure that you get the most value from using Beacon

To get you started

We have created a simple, quick and compelling approach to highlight the opportunities and value of using Beacon – Beacon Ready-to-Run (R2R):CAMPAIGN. A time-and-cost-bound project to help get you going with Beacon in order to fully understand how it will work within your organisation. Click here for the details.

Technical Integration

Beacon provides the digital campaign intelligence, either stand-alone for smaller organisations or integrated with existing technology solutions with a more complex martech stack.

Interfacing with other solutions such as SMM, CMS, PMA, CRM and e-commerce, plus other external data sources, with enable Beacon to provide a true and full campaign picture and view visitor traffic across the full digital journey. The Beacon campaign dashboard remains the one place to quickly and easily see the results of your digital marketing campaigns.

We will assess each organisation and their individual situation, and work with you to determine the best approach for integrating Beacon into your marketing and technical landscape.

Professional Services

To help you to get the most out of your investment in Beacon, we offer professional services in the following areas:

Specific reporting requirements

Beacon collects a large amount of data and presents it via the dashboard and campaign management tool. We are happy to look at any reporting requirements you may need and assess the best way to enable these.

Content generation

If you help to generate content for your campaigns, we have trained staff who are excellent at researching and then writing channel-specific content for you against campaign goals.

Training and education

Beacon is extremely easy to use with almost no technical know-how needed. If you have any specific training needs for different types of users, we are happy to assist you with this.

Data insights

Beacon data is rich and wide-ranging. Our data experts are available to help you discover the key insights in your data, giving those valuable campaign insights that will help to improve your digital marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis.


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