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We help you get more from your PPC and paid social campaigns by preventing bot clicks that can cost you up to 66% of your ad spend.

Click fraud protection from Beacon

Say hello to more buying customers

Beacon’s smart technology provides transparency and click fraud protection on fake traffic, showing you on each of your campaigns, how many human visitors have clicked vs how many bots. Once bots are detected, Beacon blocks them. After all, it’s real people that buy, not bots!

Relax. Facebook, Google and Microsoft are covered

Most advertisers are using paid search and paid social for new customer acquisition. Ad fraud is just as prevalent on Facebook as it is on Google – if not more – which is why Beacon offers multi-channel protection against ad fraud.

Dermot Hill - Stakeholderz

“What makes Beacon stand out is its multichannel click fraud detection feature & the metrics it gives us into visitor engagement and cost per engaged visitor. Without this insight into what is really happening on our paid media, we’d be making decisions based on wrong data.”

CEO at Stakeholderz

Trusted by brands, loved by agencies

Beacon is an award-winning technology platform recognised in the industry as a champion for transparent and accurate marketing data you can trust.