Am I able to add UTM tracking onto the URL before it gets shortened, and will it track correctly?

The short answer is yes, UTM tracking can be used with Beacon.

A UTM code is a snippet of simple code that you can add to the end of a URL to track the performance of campaigns and content. 

You should use link shorteners for user-friendly URLs. The complexity of a UTM code is directly related to its length, so as you start running more sophisticated campaigns, your URLs will become longer and longer.

This isn’t the best thing from a UX perspective, look unseemly, and are no good if you want to use a tracked link in any printed materials. The solution is to use link shorteners. By using Beacon, you can turn lengthy links into more shareable URLs. The shortened link will still keep the UTM parameters in tact.

For example; I want to add a UTM code to a link to the Beacon home page to identify a visit from a LinkedIn paid ad. The campaign is a branding campaign and the ad contains a single image This gives me:

When shortened within the Beacon app, this link now becomes:

When clicked this resolves to: Allowing tracking through both Beacon and Google Analytics.

A link with UTM tracking displayed in Beacon.

But once you are familiar with the advanced tracking and ease of use of Beacon you may well find yourself dispensing UTM use altogether.

If you still have any questions regarding UTM use please contact Support.