1) In your Google Ads account go to Reports.

2) Select Predefined reports (Dimensions) > Time > Day. When you have done this once you can use a saved report to cut the time of this process.

3) Select the date range required (here it’s the last seven days), note the Filter and Columns buttons as well.

4) Once you have the required date range, hit the columns button and reduce the columns to only those required (optional).

Google Ads report columns

5) Next hit segment and, using the lefthand column, add the option “Ad tracking template” (this is found low down the Attributes list) to the Row area.

Add Tracking template


6) Hit the column header of Ad tracking template and filter for the link you want to export the data for. 

7) Then download the data as a .CSV file.

7) Remember to rename and save this report to use again, and turn this into a quick process. 

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