With Beacon’s Cost Per Lead calculator you can see exactly how much each lead is costing you across your all campaigns (PPC and those with other costs). 

The calculator gives a level playing field for true “apples for apples” cost comparison, removing the non-human clicks and any inaccuracies from the ad channels themselves.

CPL is vital when it comes to working out how effective your Pay Per Click advertising is.

It breaks down the advertising cost to a figure per legitimate lead and lets marketers see instantly how much each Lead is costing them by campaign, channel, link, post and ad.

When interfaced into a cCommerce system, Beacon can also report on the true revenue per campaign, channel, link and ad; and the best metric to gauge effectiveness of your campaigns, messages and channels.

All based on transparent, unbiased data for accurate analysis and comparison.

Because our mission is to reveal the true value of your digital marketing, Beacon tells you how much you’re spending on real human clicks – we do not include inflated, fraudulent, or bot click numbers in this calculation – so you can see the true cost of sending real eyes to your website.

Campaigns & reporting on cost of leads

The screen captures below show a real example of how Beacon works. 

You will see 10 different PPC ads, broken down into the number of each visitor type (bot, human, engaged human, lead) and then the costs for each type. 

A clear view of the Cost Per lead (CPL) can be seen in the penultimate column, allowing the user to determine what ads should be supported and what ads should be stopped or amended.  Beacon also shows exactly how much budget has been wasted on non-human (bot) clicks.

The campaign has a spend of £256 across 10 ads. It generated 636 clicks of which only 291 are human (a waste of £134 on non-human bot clicks that were nevertheless paid for).

The cost per human visitor is £0.88 and the cost per ‘engaged’ human visitor (ie one that starts to actively engage with the landing page) is £3.12. The cost per lead for the overall campaign is £15.06.

Taking the earlier screenshot you will see that average of £15.06 was made up of the 10 ads whose CPL ranged from £0 (no leads whatsoever) to £50.22 (an expensive lead!). 

The user can simply redeploy their budget spend to spend less (or zero) on the ads with the most expensive CPL and more on those with the lower CPL.  Over time the CPL will reduce and the campaign ROI will improve.

In Summary

In summary a campaign will return the following time aware spend report, built up of the spend in each of the channels within that campaign for the time period being viewed:

  1. Each channel is given a spend for that channel which may be a combination of actual spend on ads and people time.
  2. The spend in a campaign is the total of all spends in channels for that campaign.
  3. When working out the cost per lead for a time period, we calculate a “daily cost” for each channel, based upon the time period we’re looking at OR the lifecycle of the traffic in the channel. This is what we use to determine the cost per visit and then the cost per lead.

If you have not started using Beacon yet, and would like to learn how effective your digital marketing budget really is and how Beacon may help improve your ROI, book your free demo now.