What does Beacon do?

Beacon is an online marketing analytics platform, designed to help digital marketers better measure and manage their digital marketing activities. Beacon allows you to create tracked Beacon Links manage campaigns, and measure website traffic generated by your marketing activity.

Once you’ve added the Beacon Analytics code to your site you’ll be able to make the most of Beacon…

Understanding the dashboard

The summary section
The summary panel at the top left of your dashboard gives you a top level overview of how your digital marketing campaigns are going, the star rating indicates the success of your marketing activities by analysing the engagement of your traffic, percentage of genuine/bot traffic, and other metrics. The Key Findings shows you the headline statistics of website traffic you have generating via the tracked short URLs you create in Beacon. It also highlights areas that might need some improvement. The Areas to Consider highlights results of your marketing campaign and website engagement that could be improved.

Click Fraud indicator
This bar shows you the percentage of real human website traffic verses fake/bot/fraudulent link clicks. Beacon tracks every link click and website visit from the Beacon Links you create for your marketing, and gives detailed analytics on your website traffic and page performances – providing valuable insights and intelligence into how your online marketing is going.

Website traffic chart
This chart directly below reveals the number of website visits generated by your short URLs, you can filter by date and select custom time periods.

Visitor retention
This tells you the ‘stickiness’ of your traffic from marketing, showing you how many of your visitors are new versus those who return.

Bounce rates
Knowing your website bounce rates help you understand how engaged your traffic from social is.
A hard bounce is when a visitor who leaves without engaging (i.e. scrolling).
A soft bounce is when a visitor who clicks and/or scrolls and then leaves.
A multi-page visit is when a visitor who viewed more than one page during their visit.

Creating your first campaign

Campaigns are where you organise, measure, and compare all the marketing activities you carry out for a specific campaign.

  1. Simply go to the campaigns page and click ‘Create new campaign’ at the bottom
  2. Give your campaign a memorable name (for example, Mother’s Day 2019) and description
  3. Set a start and end date if applicable, or leave blank for ongoing campaigns.
  4. Select all the channels that you plan to use for this campaign, so Beacon knows if your short URLs are going to be used on social, Adwords, or anywhere else. You can also create your custom channels.
  5. Click ‘Create Campaign’ and you’re done! You can always edit the details later.

Creating your first Beacon Link

Beacon Links are what you use to drive, and measure, traffic to your website.

  1. In the top right corner of the app, enter the URL you wish to shorten and measure traffic for (this should be a page on your website). And click Shorten.
  2. You now have a new Beacon Link to copy and use in your marketing activity.
  3. To keep track of your Beacon Links you should assign this a campaign (where you plan to use this new tracked link), for example “Mother’s Day 2019 Campaign”
  4. You can also assign your new Beacon Link a channel, to note exactly where you are using it, such in a Facebook advert, an email campaign, or within a Google Ad.
  5. Make a note to give yourself further details or reminds, and use tags better organise and measure your marketing in the future.
  6. You can now use this Beacon Link in your digital marketing campaign and begin measuring website traffic and results.

Once created, you will find your new Beacon Link in the Beacon Links page. Simply click on the Beacon Link you wish to review, and you’ll see a breakdown of the traffic this link has generated.

If you have any questions about using Beacon, please email us at support@thisisbeacon.com