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Using social media and other channels for digital marketing allows organisations to be agile and affords them the ability to gain competitive advantage. However, finding available funding and time to successfully implement a cohesive digital marketing solution can be problematic for most organisations. Beaconsoft has created the Beacon Ready-to-run (R2R) approach as a means to assist organisations in understanding and harnessing the power of using a cohesive digital marketing strategy.

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The Beacon Ready-to-Run (R2R) approach

Beacon R2R is a packaged approach to evaluating, implementing and executing digital marketing campaigns from one easy-to-use platform, enabling you to fully measure the return on investment from your digital marketing activities. The approach further encompasses services and support for a complete living solution going forward that grows and develops with your organisation’s digital marketing needs.

Furthermore, organisations working with the Beacon platform will enjoy a valuable and mutually-beneficial relationship with Beaconsoft, our partners, and the wider Beacon user community.


Running a proof-of-concept marketing campaign as a time/cost bounded package of software and services designed to help an organisation to quickly evaluate the value of using Beacon for their digital marketing campaigns, consisting of:

  • Define and setup a marketing campaign
  • Software training
  • Assistance with campaign execution
  • Evaluation of results


Provides access to a suite of services and support designed to help organisations integrate and use the Beacon platform on an on-going basis for maximum benefit, consisting of:

  • Integrating into existing work processes
  • Integration to third party software
  • Professional services; content generation, client-specific reporting, ongoing guidance


Welcoming organisations using Beacon, both locally and globally, to join the Beacon ‘family’, enabling them to:

  • Feed in new ideas for their requirements
  • Influence the product development
  • Keep up-to-date with fast-moving technology trends and best practice
  • Benefit from the input of the entire Beacon partner and user community

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