Block invalid traffic on paid search

Click fraud affects every online advertiser. It’s predicted that advertisers’ loss to click fraud will reach $100 billion by 2023. Click fraud is now bigger than credit card fraud.

Protect your Google ads and Microsoft search network ads with Beacon’s automated click fraud protection.

How it works

Beacon’s PPC protection can help you

By identifying and reducing invalid traffic with Beacon, your PPC campaigns will perform better.


Detects invalid clicks across paid search, social and display


Blocks bot clicks on paid campaigns

Reach More

More human clicks for the same ad spend

Waste Less

Less wasted budget on bots and a higher ROAS

Robust protection for all, from SME to enterprise

Click fraud impacts organisations of all sizes whether they have an online ads budget of £5k or £1m a month. Beacon’s full PPC protection features are available to all advertisers.


Automated IP blocking

Customised exclusion lists

Multi-channel click fraud detection

Performance dashboard

Key metrics measurement

Quick & easy set-up

Expert customer support

Single user and team options

One-month trial

Single and multi domain protection

Online retailer, OTTY’s, campaign bot traffic was 48% of clicks, before deploying Beacon’s click fraud protection.