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Beacon uses next generation analytics technology to deliver a clear and attributable return on your social media marketing investment.

Social analytic insights you never thought possible

What is Beacon?

Beacon is a platform dedicated to revealing how social media users behave once they reach your website. Unlike much of the social analytics industry, we focus on the impact that social media has on your website.

Businesses driving traffic to their website from social media know this is a vital part of their marketing activity. But in reality, many simply don't know the true impact that this has on their business.

Beacon delivers insights for those who promote their business on social media, providing data that drills down to each individual social post.

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Measure and improve your social marketing activities

Beacon is the only end-to-end analytics platform that directly attributes social engagement with business outcomes. With Beacon measure not just clicks and website visits, but important engagement metrics, form completions and product purchases directly from your paid or organic social posts.

According to Trust Radius 60% of marketers say that measuring social media ROI is the most challenging aspect of their campaigns.

And 50% agree that tying social marketing activities to business outcomes is the second most challenging aspect of their work.

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Know what works and what doesn't

Beacon analyses the behaviour of traffic that social media sends to your website, right down to individual social posts, enabling you to see what's really working for you and what isn't.

All-in-one Dashboard

All your social media activity in one easy to use dashboard

Top Networks

Know which social networks drive the most engaged traffic

Website Analytics

See how visitors from your social posts behave on your site

Post Management

Preview, schedule and publish your social posts easily

Real-time Insights

Get a detailed overview of what's happening, right now

Short URLs

Easily create short URLs for tracking anything on the web

See results in minutes

Understand your social media traffic in minutes

What used to take careful management and rigorous reporting is now simple with Beacon. Easily see which social networks are working best for you, and get tips on how you can improve.

Activity History

Easily correllate social activity with website traffic

Organic and Paid

Track the performance of both organic and paid social traffic

Fully Scaleable

The Beacon platform supports businesses of all sizes

Beacon is your end-to-end social media analytics tool. Get started now.