Spending hours pulling data to see PPC campaign performance is frustrating…

Beacon is an all-in-one PPC platform for quick and easy measurement with real-time information you can trust.

All your PPC campaign data in one place

If you’re a PPC marketer, you know how time-consuming it is juggling between Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and the like to keep track of campaign performance.

You’re thinking, there has to be a better way, right?

There is. Beacon brings all your PPC campaigns together, beautifully into one platform.

PPC campaign analytics software

Say goodbye to digging out the data

It’s an incredibly tedious task getting key metric data out of multiple PPC campaign analytics platforms – logging in to multiple places to dig out data is just no fun.

All the metrics that matter such as campaign cost, clicks, CPC and leads generated can be accessed in real-time in Beacon. With less time spent on analysing campaign performance, you can spend more time improving it.

With Beacon, the leg-work is done for you.

PPC campaign improvement (a different way)

You’ve analysed your campaigns, updated landing pages, changed ad copy, modified keyword bids and done everything you’d expect to be part of PPC campaign optimisation. But, could your campaigns do better?

Your PPC campaigns can perform better. With Beacon, they will.

The answer is to reduce bot traffic on your campaigns and this is where Beacon really earns its keep! There’s a smart click fraud feature in Beacon which identities human visitors and bot traffic clicking on your campaigns. Not only that, Beacon reduces bots and increases human visitors (after all, these are the ones that buy, not bots!).

Easy to set up marketing reporting tool

Simple to use,

One of the things marketers love about Beacon is its simplicity. It’s something that the whole team can use no matter what their technical ability.

Once you’ve added the Beacon tracking code to the site (as you would for setting up Google Analytics), Beacon is ready for action as soon as you login.

Watch a quick overview video

Chris Morris, Shoo Social Media

“Beacon is easy to use and has great features which help us track paid social media campaign performance. It gives us the best analytic feedback for future campaigns.”

Chris Morris, CEO, Shoo Social Media

One platform. Many solutions to explore.

Measure metrics that matter

Beacon key metrics let you easily and immediately see which channel is performing based on clicks, visitor engagement, bounce rate, actual human visitors generated and leads.

Track conversions by page visit or event. The tracked URL could be a purchase completion, thank-you page or on a third party website such as a payment gateway or event booking page.

You can also track a wildcard URL for page visits with changing URL extensions.

See your key PPC metrics such as clicks, CPC (cost per click) and CPL (cost per lead) plus CPEV (cost per engaged visitor) which is unique to Beacon campaign measurement.

Data you can trust

Accurate data

Using Beacon means you’re working with the freshest and most accurate data.

No doubt, you’ve noticed the discrepancies in campaign data when comparing reported clicks in an Ads Manager account against tracked visitors in Google Analytics. Frustrating isn’t it!

Beacon provides a solution to this very problem. We’ve removed the need for creating integrations (this is simply repurposing bad data) by taking data directly from your website. Plus, we’ve added a click fraud protection feature to measure and report on actual human visitors and prevent invalid traffic generated by your campaigns.

Spend time where it counts

Better decision making

Beacon’s all-in-one-place dashboard enables you to quickly identify your winning campaigns.

With Beacon at your side, helping you to measure the impact of your online marketing, you’ll have more time to spend analysing and making informed decisions.

With reliable PPC data you can identify the campaigns driving the best engagement and conversion for higher ROI.

Let Beacon’s marketing intelligence drive your marketing reporting, measurement, and campaign optimisation.

Content marketing tracked to conversion 

More insight

Measure the ‘harder to prove ROI’ non-paid media such as social media and content and see which are generating engaged visitors and leads.

Beacon enables you to track growth in your content marketing. View your results over time in the following areas: blog subscribers, content downloads, page views

— anything that you can put a number on and measure the change.

Track and report on growth with date comparisons to compare week on week, month on month or year on year. Use Beacon to prove that content impacts the bottom line, with metrics that measure revenue and business growth on your content.

Emma Blunt, , DirectorRecognition Creative

“Beacon brings all that [digital marketing] knowledge together in one place so I can see instantly how our lead generation campaigns are working.”

Emma Blunt, Director, Recognition Creative

Leading technology.
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Recognised by Tech Nation as the best Cyber Security company in the Rising Stars 2021 awards, Beacon is taking the lead in empowering brands and marketing agencies to take control of their digital marketing data.

Our friendly UK team of data and marketing experts are on hand if you have any questions about how Beacon can help solve your challenges.

Frequently asked questions

Setting up your PPC campaigns in Beacon is much, much easier than you may think.

Beacon dynamic links are a quick way to take advantage of Beacon campaign measurement for all your digital PPC campaigns without having to create a short link for every ad.

Beacon enables you to go as deep as you like with your campaign measurement. For a Google Ads or Facebook campaign, you can measure each campaign, ad group or even ad, depending on the set up of your campaigns.