Stop wasting half of your ad budget on fake clicks and bots.

Discover which 50% is wasted and do more more of what works for improved campaign ROI.

PPC Dashboard

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Measure engaged visitors

Have instant access to meaningful PPC campaign metrics.  With Beacon, you can measure real human engaged visitors and leads or sales generated by your campaigns.

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Discover the real cost per visit

The actual cost of an engaged visitor is seven times higher than a CPC. Compare the true costs of each campaign to do less of what is wasting your budget and more of what brings in human visitors that purchase.

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Guard against bot traffic

Did you know that 50% of website traffic is bots? Beacon’s invalid traffic report shows how much bot traffic there is on each campaign and blocks bots at source. Waste less budget on bots and spend more on real people.

Discover the real cost
per human visit

  • Track real human visits from any social network, email campaign, or online ads
  • Learn which digital channels are delivering the best ROI
  • Discover if your digital spending reflects your website visits and results

Highlight and tackle ad fraud

  • Discover how many of the clicks you paid for were from bots
  • Reveal which channels are driving the most bot traffic and costing you money
  • See exactly how much money has been wasted on bot clicks and ad fraud

Attribute business results to marketing activity

  • Discover which marketing messages drives the most engaged website traffic
  • Learn where to spend your digital marketing budget for the best results
  • Reveal which marketing links result in conversion and replicate your success
Alice Bloor, Whitwam

“Beacon and GA do everything between them. I keep the Beacon dashboard open and check regularly on my campaigns. It’s added a huge amount of value!”

Alice Bloor, Marketing Manager

Whitwam Group

Emma Blunt, , DirectorRecognition Creative

“Beacon brings all my digital marketing data together in one place so I can see instantly how our lead gen campaigns are working.”

Emma Blunt, Director

Recognition Creative

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