Get the data insights Google and Facebook don’t tell you

Not all clicks are equal – discover how much you’re paying to drive real engaged people to your website.

PPC Dashboard

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Get to know your customers

See the journeys your customers take – from first click to sale

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Discover the real cost per visit

See how far your digital marketing budgets really go

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Protect your budget from bots

Learn how much ad fraud is costing your business

Discover the real cost
per human visit

  • Track real human visits from any social network, email campaign, or online ads
  • Learn which digital channels are delivering the best ROI
  • Discover if your digital spending reflects your website visits and results

Highlight and tackle ad fraud

  • Discover how many of the clicks you paid for were from bots
  • Reveal which channels are driving the most bot traffic and costing you money
  • See exactly how much money has been wasted on bot clicks and ad fraud

Attribute business results to marketing activity

  • Discover which marketing messages drives the most engaged website traffic
  • Learn where to spend your digital marketing budget for the best results
  • Reveal which marketing links result in conversion and replicate your success

“Beacon and Google Analytics do everything between them. I keep the Beacon dashboard open all day and check in regularly to see how my campaigns are getting on. It’s added a huge amount of value!”

Alice B, Marketing Manager

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3. Experience the results

During the trial you’ll experience the true results of your digital marketing campaigns, and understand how Beacon helps improve your marketing by doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.