Marketing reports – connect data to business value

Marketing campaign reports to inform better decisions

Stop wasting time with manual marketing reporting

Gathering data from multiple sources and compiling it into a report for each digital channel is a laborious task.

Reduce the time you spend manually to generate marketing reports and use that time to analyse your marketing results, for improved productivity across the whole team.

Get live data you can rely on

Are you waiting hours to see your marketing campaign data refreshed? Using API’s means the frequency of data imports varies between different platforms, some import several times a day and some just once a day.

Stop waiting for data to refresh and enjoy having live ‘real-time’ digital marketing data at your fingertips with Beacon.

Cut out the learning curve

One of the things marketers love about Beacon is how quickly they can get up and running with it. It’s something that the whole team can use no matter what their technical ability.

Pull in digital marketing data and spend across you paid and non-paid content campaigns all into one dashboard and reporting platform.

Easy to set up marketing reporting tool
Marketing reporting platform with no API connectors

Say goodbye to API connectors

API connectors change, things break, there’s no real standards, everyone has different rules.

Other campaign reporting platforms boast of having lots of integrations. Some as many as 500! That’s just 500 different ways your data accuracy can go wrong.

Use Beacon for seamless, live and accurate data.

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Leigh of London Salsa

“Using Beacon, we send professional client reports which show campaign results for each channel, with growth and ROI.”

Leigh Adams, London Salsa

One platform. Many solutions to explore.

A single source of truth

Enjoy seeing the full picture on how your PPC, content and email campaigns are performing. Beacon’s key metrics provide quick visibility of KPI’s such as clicks, CPC (cost per click) and CPL (cost per lead)  plus CPEV (cost per engaged visitor) which is unique to Beacon.

Have a 24/7 marketing reporting platform at your fingertips to monitor and improve every campaign across all your digital channels

Effortless reporting

Easy to set up marketing reporting tool

Beacon is so easy to set-up. It’s just a simple task of adding the Beacon tracking code to the site (as you would for setting up Google Analytics), and then Beacon is ready for action as soon as you login.

You don’t need to be from an analytics background to use Beacon. Digital marketers, PPC managers  and CMO’s use Beacon to track and report on growth with date comparisons to compare week on week, month on month or year on year. 

Take informed action

Beacon’s all-in-one-place dashboard enables you to quickly identify your winning campaigns.

With Beacon at your side, helping you to measure the impact of your online marketing, you’ll have more time to spend – analysing and making informed decisions about

which campaigns drive the best engagement and conversion for higher ROI.

Let Beacon’s marketing intelligence drive your marketing reporting, measurement, and campaign optimisation.

Create & automate reports 

Report Image

Produce stunning campaign reports that perfectly showcase your KPI’s- these reports are sure to impress!  Customise your reports for each stakeholder, including your CMO and digital teams — with a fully editable executive summary and campaign overview.

Beacon reports combine all your website key metrics such as clicks, bounce rate, time on site and pageviews with campaign KPIs to provide a comprehensive picture of your online marketing campaign performance.

Mollie Phillips, Shoo Social

“Beacon gives us the data we need to plan future campaigns and improve audience targeting on our Facebook ad campaigns.”

Mollie Phillips, Project Coordinator, Shoo Social Media

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Recognised by Tech Nation as the best Cyber Security company in the Rising Stars 2021 awards, Beacon is taking the lead in empowering brands and marketing agencies to take control of their digital marketing data.

Our friendly UK team of data and marketing experts are on hand if you have any questions about how Beacon can help solve your challenges.

Frequently asked questions

Setting up your PPC campaigns in Beacon is much, much easier than you may think.

Beacon dynamic links are a quick way to take advantage of Beacon campaign measurement for all your digital PPC campaigns without having to create a short link for every ad.

Beacon enables you to go as deep as you like with your campaign measurement. For a Google Ads or Facebook campaign, you can measure each campaign, ad group or even ad, depending on the set up of your campaigns.

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