Better social analytics for your clients.

Beacon originated as a tool for agencies to add intelligence to their marketing activities, which means we really understand the agency-client relationship.

Grow your marketing agency with Beacon

Reporting is much more than just charts and numbers! Beacon helps you to tell your client's story by adding a powerful layer of clarity, enabling you to grow and strengthen your customer relationships.

Beacon combines your favourite features from social management and web analytics platforms, providing a great all-in-one solution.

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Grow your marketing agency with Beacon

Quick and easy

Get started in seconds and start seeing results in minutes, with support on hand if needed

Ongoing support

Guidance and support when you need it, to help your agency and clients grow and succeed

Increase retention

Improve your client's social marketing and increase their ROI, building trust in your agency

Where does Beacon fit?

Where does Beacon fit in your agency?

Beacon is a platform built for analysing social media traffic. Unlike most of the social analytics industry, we focus on much more than just likes, shares and clicks.

Beacon helps you understand your social traffic in ways that other tools can't, enabling you to know what works, and what doesn't.

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