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“Beacon gave us insight into user journeys on our website and we were able to reduce drop-offs by 60%, which is huge”

Sean Ridley, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Linx International Group

Sean Ridley, Linx International

Beacon is the easy-to-use digital campaign optimisation platform, helping you focus your attention on the marketing metrics that matter

If your business has struggled with the complexity of Google Analytics, Beacon will help you get to grips with your campaigns straight out-of-the-box.

Put simply, Beacon focuses attention solely on the success metrics for your digital campaign through a beautifully presented dashboard.

See how Beacon works

So easy and quick

to get started

Unlike other tools, Beacon gives you Campaign insight within minutes, with automated tracking of major user events.

Simplify campaign reporting for better ROI

Get instant access to the campaign metrics that matter most. Accurate real-time reporting with actionable insights.

Identify & respond to Bot clicks on campaigns

We’ve all heard about the click inflation of campaigns by bots. Beacon surfaces this data, enabling you to identify campaigns you need to take action on.

“After we saw the insights Beacon provided, we just had to implement Beacon across the entire group”

Sean Ridley, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Linx International Group