Increase sales on social.

Your business model depends on sales. Find out how Beacon can help drive traffic from social and convert this to more sales.

The challenge

Your business model depends upon online sales, and driving traffic to your online store via social media is vital in increasing your customer numbers, retention and revenue. You need to analyse exactly what content and social posts are engaging your target audience best, and continually review how your website visitors are interacting with your site to improve the customer journey and grow sales.

How Beacon helps

Beacon measures engagement across multiple social platforms and tracks the website traffic and sales results generated by your social posts. This unlocks the data hidden in your social marketing by revealing exactly which online content is better at driving visitors to your website, and reveals your customers actions, behaviours and sales on your website.

With this knowledge you can constantly refine and build your brand messages to improve audience engagement, the customer journey and resulting sales.

Track all digital visits

Easily track visits from social and email, understand how this traffic behaves and tweak your campaign and content to improve sales

Improve campaigns ROI

Manage and measure all your social posts and email activity against specific campaigns, allowing cross campaign testing to improve ROI

Posts to sales to profits

Interface to your eCommerce engine to attribute social activity and individual posts to specific sales or downloads

Know your customers

Build relationships with your customers, followers and fans, and tailor your messages based on how they respond

Know what works

Get detailed website engagement metrics from your social visits, so you can do more of what works, and less of what doesn't!

Indespensible tool

Use Beacon with other tools in your online toolbox to drive better results, spend less and make more sales!

Know what really engages your social audience. Get started today.