How it Works

How Beacon protects your ad spend

Stop bots clicking on your paid search and social campaign ads

Beacon protects your paid search & social

Beacon is truly cross-platform, detecting invalid clicks across all major paid search and paid social channels (including Google Search Ads, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more) as well as programmatic/display advertising.

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Detect bots

Ad-verification and click fraud prevention platforms typically rely on a limited number of indicators and potentially out of date “blacklist” IP lists, when analysing for user authenticity. Beacon uses Digital Journey Tracking to collate all visitor actions and uses this data for individual visitor behavioural and network analysis, as well as looking at dozens of parameters to perform advanced OS / device fingerprinting.

Block bots

Beacon click fraud protection ensures that when a bot is detected, the device fingerprint is added to our unique bot protection database. This database is used to block bot impressions (for CPM) and clicks (for CPC) on your paid campaigns. Beacon uses this to build regularly-updated, custom blended bot exclusion lists specifically for you, to give you the maximum reduction in click fraud over time.

Bots come and go over time to help them evade detection, so we only consider a bot fingerprint valid for a limited time to prevent us from over-blocking.

Reach more people

Client data shows that up to 40-50% of your search and social clicks are invalid clicks by bots. With Beacon click fraud protection, bots are prevented from seeing and clicking on your ads, giving you significantly more human clicks for the same ad spend.

Waste less budget

Beacon’s click fraud protection significantly reduces bot clicks on your campaigns, increasing clicks from people and reducing wasted ad spend.

Data you can trust

At Beacon we’ve been champions of transparent marketing data since our foundation. With click fraud detection and mitigation across search and social, Beacon feeds other parts of the Martech stack with better quality data, to enable improved analytics, decision-making and results.

Get started in just 3 steps

Getting up and running with Beacon is simple.



Request a free click fraud diagnostic

Our click fraud diagnosis reports tells you just how much ad fraud is damaging your campaigns. Get your results in minutes.



Begin your 30-day evaluation

Just add a javascript snippet to your website and connect your accounts, then Beacon will measure your campaign click fraud and budget wastage to establish a baseline. Once established, we activate bot blocking to demonstrate the shocking amount of click fraud associated in your campaigns.



Measure & improve your campaign results

You will be able to monitor progress in the Beacon app during and at the end of the 30-day evaluation period, we will run through the results with you and agree your next steps.

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