What makes Beacon different?

Beacon's simple and intuitive interface and powerful analytics engine combines all the features of your favourite link shortening and web analytics tools to create an all-in-one digital marketing measurement solution.

Click fraud detection
The ability to see what percentage of link clicks are genuine or bot (learn how much you're wasting on fraud)
Campaign management
Set up campaigns to organise your links, measure and compare results with ease
Visitor engagement rating
Analyse and review how engaged your website visitors really are
Channel performance rating
Review and compare which is your best performing digital marketing channel
Campaign performance comparison
Review and compare how your marketing campaigns are really performing
Digital marketing overview rating
Review how your digital marketing is performing
Link management
Organise and manage links (no more spreadsheets!)
Team management
The ability to add/remove/assign team members
Lead identification
Capture leads or identify website visitors
Intelligent insights
Additional insights to supplement the analysed data
Goal / conversion tracking
Track where a goal or a conversion (sale) came from
eCommerce integration
Integrate the software with a 3rd party eCommerce system and add financial reporting
CRM integration
Integrate the software with a 3rd party CRM
Website analytics
The ability to see how your website is performing in general - visits, bounce rates, dwell time etc.
Visitor action reporting
The ability to track website visitor actions (clicks, signups etc.) attribute them to a link
Visitor journey reports
Track website visitors from a link and see which other pages they visit
Traffic analysis
Measure how website visitors generally behave when they visit your website from a link
Multichannel analysis
See which digital channel (facebook, email, ppc, etc) is performing best
API integrations
Plug the application into 3rd party systems
Visitor device reporting
Know which device your website visitors used to access your site
Visitor location reporting
Know where in the world your website visitors are coming from
Link tracking
Track how many clicks a link has received
Link shortening
The ability to shorten a URL in the system
Google Analytics

*Coming soon

Create tracked links, manage your marketing, measure the results!

Beacon easily integrates with the following solutions and many more. Custom integrations are available upon request, please contact us for more information.

Beacon provides professional services support, including content evaluation, content generation and campaign performance assessment. Speak to us about our 'Proof of Concept' campaign to get you started using Beacon for maximum efficiency.

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