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If you’re a Facebook advertiser that’s tried every trick in the book to optimise your campaigns, but still believe they could be performing better, Beacon is for you.

Tech Nation Cyber Award Winner - Beacon

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Winner of the 2021 Tech Nation Award for Cyber Security, Beacon is a campaign intelligence platform with real-time information and data you can trust.  It achieves campaign improvement by detecting and blocking click fraud on your Facebook ads.

Jason Guarino

“Beacon detected that 66% of clicks on some of my Facebook ads were invalid bot clicks. Since using Beacon I have seen a significant reduction with $4K dollars saved every month”

Jason Guarino, Founder, Island Jay

What is click fraud?

Click fraud affects every online advertiser. It’s predicted that advertisers’ loss to click fraud will reach $100 billion by 2023.

It may come as a shock to know that click fraud is now bigger than credit card fraud.

Our client data shows that typically fake clicks account for 28% of clicks and on a client campaign with a £70k monthly ad spend, that’s over £9k lost to ad fraud wasted every month on click fraud.

Who’s behind the fake clicks?

Bots are the biggest culprit of ad fraud although it can be from human click farms, which exist in parts of the world with cheap labour.

Ad fraud is run for criminal intent, for the purpose of generating money,
and generally it is run by large criminal organisations.

Ad Fraud – The #1 Biggest Problem

This problem has been dubbed the biggest story in tech that no one’s talking about.

Few marketers and businesses truly understand the scale of the ad fraud problem and most think that ad fraud doesn’t really affect them.

The truth is, ad fraud affects every online advertiser, whether you’re using the bidding strategy of CPM, CPC or bidding on conversions.

How much is ad fraud costing advertisers like you?

It’s predicted that advertisers’ loss to ad fraud will reach $100 billion by 2023. The ‘Future Digital Advertising: Artificial Intelligence & Advertising Fraud 2019-2023’ report claims fraudsters will gravitate to advanced techniques such as spoofing advertising networks to falsify ad clicks and displayed ads, rather than labour-intensive activities such as app install farms.

What is Ad fraud?

Any deliberate activity that prevents the proper delivery of ads to the intended audience, or that delivers an invalid or non-human (bot) audience.

Bots are the biggest culprit of ad fraud although it can be from human click farms, which exist in parts of the world with cheap labour.

How does Beacon work?

All your Facebook campaigns are driving traffic to pages on your website. Beacon is powered by dynamic links that we create for your campaigns.

We track visitors at campaign, ad set and ad level, to identify exactly what is working and driving online purchases – and we block fake clicks.

Beacon data is 100% accurate and reliable as it’s recording data directly from your website – not what Facebook Ads Manager is reporting.

Our UK support team provide expert feedback & guidance on your campaign performance to help you improve your campaigns.


We’ll run a 7-day analysis on one of your Facebook ads to detect how much non-human, fraudulent clicks are being made and share this with you, at no cost or obligation.

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