Ad fraud protection for paid social

Ad fraud exists on Facebook as much as it does on Google ads. It’s estimated that around half of internet traffic is bots, not humans.
Protect your impressions with Beacon’s automated ad fraud protection. It stops bots from seeing and interacting with your ads on Facebook and its Audience Network.

Achieve a higher return on your Facebook ad spend

If you’re a Facebook advertiser that’s tried every trick in the book to optimise your campaigns, but still believe they could be performing better, Beacon is for you.

Automated ad fraud solution

Beacon’s paid social protection is a brand new solution that increases the amount of human interactions you get from your Facebook ads.  We protect your spend going to fraudulent channels and harmful bots. Typically 40-50% of your Facebook ads are subject to this continually growing problem.

Jason Guarino

“Beacon detected that 66% of clicks on some of my Facebook ads were invalid bot clicks. Since using Beacon I have seen a significant reduction with $4K dollars saved every month”

Jason Guarino, Founder, Island Jay

How does Beacon work?

All your Facebook campaigns are driving traffic to pages on your website. Beacon is powered by dynamic links that we create for your campaigns.

We track visitors to identify exactly what is working and driving online purchases – and we block fake clicks.

Beacon data is 100% accurate and reliable as it’s recording data directly from your website – not what Facebook Ads Manager is reporting.

Our UK support team provide expert feedback & guidance on your campaign performance to help you improve your campaigns.

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