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“Beacon gave us insight into user journeys on our website and we were able to reduce drop-offs by 60%, which is huge”

Sean Ridley, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Linx International Group

Sean Ridley, Linx International

Intelligent Marketing for the forward-thinking Enterprise

Discover how to do more intelligent digital marketing with less cost and effort for a better return on investment. Track visitor engagement from across the digital channels to their journey on your website, and achieve ROI improvement through better insights and decision-making.

Do more, engage more, sell more  – with ease and intelligence.

Enabling Intelligent marketers to deliver intelligent campaigns

You create and deliver lots of content. But what works best on which channels? With Beacon you will quickly see which content is working in which channels – enabling non-performing spend to be reduced and budget allocated to higher performing content and channels.

See the Return-on-Marketing-Investment – now!

Beacon’s management dashboard is always up-to-date and gives a consistent overview across campaigns with the ability to drill-down to the detail. Discover the truth in less time and eliminate spreadsheet hell. With Beacon it’s all here in one place.

Invested in other tech?
No problem!

Beacon is simple to set up and easy to apply across in-house and third party solutions. You’ll probably be using an ever-changing mix of tools. Use Beacon to bring all that data together in one place to track those important KPIs.

Take a closer look at Beacon….

Because the larger enterprises often have very specific operational requirements, we have a variety of licensing options and services packages to suit each situation. We’ll work with you to see how Beacon fits within your existing marketing and technical landscape, identify integration needs and any configuration changes.

Our Ready-to-Run approach is ideal for those large enterprises that want to trial Beacon without disrupting the day-to-day business.

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