Beat the hidden enemy on your campaigns – bots!  

Are you aware of the huge scale of click fraud happening across paid social and search now? If not, you will be shocked to hear that on average 38% of paid social clicks are made by bots, not humans! And 18% of clicks on Google Ads are also fake.

Don’t let the bots win

As a digital marketer using these channels, a significant amount of your marketing investment is being wasted – but this isn’t something you have to live with. We’ll help you cut bot clicks significantly in the first few months and you’ll be able to accurately measure campaign results and get a more effective campaign spend.

And the best bit? Beacon does all the work

It’s so easy to get started using Beacon to protect your paid campaigns. Once it’s connected and working its magic, you can sit back knowing Beacon is always on, monitoring your traffic and protecting your ads against dubious clicks and impressions.

How to get started

As a first step, contact us so we can have a look at how much of your traffic is currently fraudulent and calculate the ROI from using Beacon. For some clients, we’ve seen it as high as 66% on Facebook.

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