When you first install the Beacon bot detection tag you may want to test that it is correctly installed and that any visits to the site from a Beacon shortlink will track correctly.

1. View Source: Right click and View Page Source to bring up up your site source code, then search this for “tracker.thisisbeacon.com”. Note: This will not work if you are using Google Tag Manager.

Beacon Insights code

If you find this then move on to step 2.

If you draw a blank then it is back to “how to add the code“.

2. Developer Console: F12 or right click and Inspect, to bring up the developer tools, select the “Console” tab and enter “bwai.debug=true” and hit return. You will get one of two responses.

Response 1: Success 🙂

Success! The code is installed correctly and you are good to go to step 3.

Response 2: Failure 🙁

Bad news! Something is not right, go back to “how to add the tag

3. Test Visit: You now want to create a test link for final confirmation (in a test campaign and test channel so it can be easily archived) click that link and visit a page or two, then wait a little (30 mins or so should do it) to see if that journey appears in your Beacon account.

If after these steps you are still not seeing traffic in your Beacon account please contact our customer support team.