Beacon allows you to either capture and record identifiable data or to obscure it.

The default definition for Goals is form fills and whether this is kept or changed Beacon will always collect the data from form fills (as long as the forms are marked up correctly).

These options are on a campaign by campaign basis and can be reached via the edit campaign Action.

Edit campaign

To follow GDPR guidelines, by default new campaigns do not capture and record identifiable data (we also assume you collect this data elsewhere).

It is recorded and displayed in the following format.

Obscured visitor data

If you do require us to capture and record identifiable data you must agree to our GDPR commitment and confirm that you will act accordingly.

Record identifiable data

In this case we will capture the fields; Email Address, Name, Company and Phone Number. We can make bespoke changes to this if required, please see here for details. If this option is selected we will display the data in the following format.

Identifiable data

Please note this will not work retroactively, if identifiable data is not captured in the first place it can not become identifiable.

If you have any questions about recording identifiable data or using Beacon, please contact us here Support.

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