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See the true ROI on your content marketing

Instantly see if your content is working and driving engagement

See the results of your content marketing

Are you juggling between Google Analytics, your email platform and social media analytics to see your content marketing campaign performance?

Is it even giving you the data you want?

You’re thinking, there has to be a better way, right?

There is. Beacon measures the impact of your content marketing in one platform.

content measurement

All content tracked through to conversion

While some vanity metrics such as social shares and website traffic are easy to track, what really matters are conversions to a content download, newsletter subscription, free trial sign-up or other goals that you’ve set.

Any content that has a webpage: blogs, whitepapers, e-books, webinar, video or customer case study can be tracked, measured and reported, from click to conversion, in Beacon.

With Beacon, the leg-work is done for you.

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Simple to use, out-the-box

One of the things marketers love about Beacon is its simplicity. It’s something that the whole team can use no matter what their technical ability. Once you’ve added the Beacon tracking code to the site (as you would for setting up Google Analytics), Beacon is ready for action as soon as you login.

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Alice Bloor, Whitwam

“I keep the Beacon dashboard open all day and check in regularly to see how my campaigns are getting on. It’s added a huge amount of value to me in my job.”

Alice Bloor, Marketing Manager, Whitwam Group

One platform. Many solutions to explore.

Measure metrics that matter

Content marketing measurement dashboard

Beacon key metrics empower you to easily and immediately measure the ‘harder to prove ROI’ channels of content marketing and social media.

If you’re promoting your content via PPC or sponsored social posts, You can also track Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Lead (CPL) to see your return on investment for those campaigns.

Key metrics in Beacon:

  • Page visits
  • Content downloads
  • Time on page
  • Bounce rate
  • Lead generation
  • Cost Per Engaged Visitor (CPEV)

Watch your content fly

Measuring content marketing growth

Beacon enables you to track growth in your content marketing. View your results over time in the following areas: blog subscribers, content downloads, page views — anything that you can put a number on and measure the change.

Track and report on growth with date comparisons to compare week on week, month on month or year on year. Use Beacon to prove that content impacts the bottom line, with metrics that measure revenue and business growth.

Spend time where it counts

Better decision making

Beacon’s all-in-one-place dashboard enables you to quickly identify your winning content campaigns.

Content marketing is often a tricky one to measure. You can pull data out of Google Analytics for each page such as page views, bounce, time on page and pages viewed, but you can’t view results at a campaign level.

With Beacon at your side, equipping you with quality information on your content campaigns, you’ll have more time to spend analysing and making informed decisions about which content campaigns, types and formats drive the best engagement and conversion.

Plus, Beacon equips you with data on content marketing ROI to share with your boss and your team.

Automate your reports

More insight

Beacon reporting can save you hours every week. Report on your content marketing in a single, streamlined report that can be exported into a colourful PDF.

Beacon reports combine all your content marketing metrics such as clicks, bounce rate, time on site, pageviews and the Beacon visitor engagement rating to provide a comprehensive picture of your content’s performance.


“It works really well for our content marketing campaigns and makes it easier for generating reports.”

Rachel Hatfield, Shoo Social Media

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Recognised by Tech Nation as the best Cyber Security company in the Rising Stars 2021 awards, Beacon is taking the lead in empowering brands and marketing agencies to take control of their digital marketing data.

Our friendly UK team of data and marketing experts are on hand if you have any questions about how Beacon can help solve your challenges.

Frequently asked questions

It’s often harder to show the value of your non-paid campaigns, and Beacon makes this possible.

Beacon gives you visibility of which marketing content and which social media channels are generating engaged visitors and leads.

Beacon enables you to go as deep as you like with your campaign measurement. For a Google Ads or Facebook campaign, you can measure each campaign, ad group or even ad, depending on the set up of your campaigns.