The shocking truth about fake clicks 

With digital ad fraud affecting between 10-60% of different types of digital advertising, it pays to detect and block as much of this fake traffic as you can to improve the accuracy of your campaign data, and more importantly to stop wasting significant amounts of advertising budget.

Click fraud protection from Beacon

Say hello to more buying customers

Beacon’s smart technology provides transparency and click fraud protection on fake traffic, showing you on each of your campaigns, how many human visitors have clicked vs how many bots.

And the best bit? Beacon does all the work

It’s so easy to get started using Beacon to protect your paid campaigns. Once it’s connected and working its magic, you can sit back knowing Beacon is always on, monitoring your traffic and protecting your ads against dubious clicks and impressions.

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Beacon is an award-winning technology platform recognised in the industry as a champion for transparent and accurate marketing data you can trust.