Protect your marketing campaigns from click fraud and bot traffic

Stop paying for malicious website traffic, claim back money wasted on fraudulent clicks, and transform your digital marketing campaigns.

Detect bots

Detect click

Learn which ad networks and social platforms are generating the most fake clicks and wasting your marketing budget. Learn to optimise your campaigns to make every penny count.

Block bots

Block malicious traffic

Beacon gives you the power to identify where the bots that damage your campaign are coming from, and enables you to block them at the source. Defend your budget from bot clicks.


Optimise your campaigns

Gain the insights to continually improve your digital marketing campaigns to increase efficiency, lower cost per visit, and improve your ROI. Supercharge your digital marketing with Beacon.

See how Beacon can save up to 50% of your marketing budget from bot clicks

Eliminate click fraud across all your marketing

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"Advertisers lost an estimated $19 billion to fraudulent activities in 2018"

Source: Juniper Research

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“About 28% of website traffic is likely … from bots and other ‘non-human signals’ ”

Source: Wall Street Journal & Adobe

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Our sophisticated analytics technology identifies bot clicks and fraudulent website traffic that is costing your campaigns. Learn which channels are sending the most bots.

Reclaim fraudulent spend

It’s a little known fact that you can reclaim ad spend from Google, Facebook and Twitter if you can prove bot click interference. Beacon provides that evidence.

Actionable insights

Beacon provides meaning behind the data, giving you insights and intelligence to change your marketing campaigns to improve efficiency. Do more of what works.

Campaign dashboard

See all of your campaign data one place. Beacon gives you an overview of how all your digital channels are performing, compare all your social channels, PPC, email campaigns and more.

Real-time reporting

See which links are driving traffic to your campaign in real-time, and learn how your visitors are engaging with your website. Report and respond in no time.

Visitor engagement

Beacon reveals how your website visitors are really engaging with your website. See real-time customer journeys from page to page, and learn what marketing drives the most engaged visitors.


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