23rd November 2020

Best of the Christmas adverts 2020

‘Tis almost the season to be jolly and the festive adverts have been dropping for a few weeks now.
Christmas 2020 is going to be different, no matter what happens in the next few weeks, a lot of people will be isolating as the pandemic makes gathering with family and friends very difficult.

7th October 2020

Facebook Ads Manager – the definitive guide

Did you know that more than three million businesses around the world use Facebook to market and advertise themselves?  Or that around 125 million people use Instagram daily? If you want to get people to see the products, solutions or services your company offers, you cannot afford to avoid social media.  It’s where engaged people […]

27th August 2020

How to master your marketing ROI challenges

If there’s one thing guaranteed to send cold shivers down a marketer’s spine it’s the thought of mastering their marketing ROI challenges.

Return on Investment isn’t just a buzz phrase, it’s something which is embedded into the heart of any digital marketing campaign or social media message.

28th July 2020

How Do I Justify My Marketing Campaign Budget?

In today’s uncertain times one of the most common queries has been how do I justify my marketing campaign budget?

With reduced hours because of COVID-19, many teams coping with working from home, the uncertainty over long-term marketing strategies, and the short-term fears about the economy, it’s been a difficult few months for anyone working in digital marketing and social media.

26th May 2020

How To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Here at Beacon we’re constantly referring to content marketing strategy and how it’s important to get this right as part of your overall digital marketing activities.

The adage “content is king” so clearly declared by Bill Gates way back in 1996, still holds true more than two decades later.

23rd March 2020

What is a marketing insight and why is it important?

A marketing insight – what is it and why should it be of importance to your business and a key part of any promotional strategy?

At its most simple, a marketing insight is a valuable piece of information which comes via research or data analysis and which can be directly actioned upon to benefit your business strategy.

28th February 2020

What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy? Do You Need One?

No-one working in marketing should need to be told about the importance of having a digital marketing strategy – it’s the map on which all campaigns and customer journeys should be marked upon.
But a surprisingly large number of businesses don’t bother with a marketing plan at all and certainly not one which focuses on how they use social media to create an effective digital marketing strategy.