9th December 2019

How To Manage Client Expectations

As a marketing agency you are probably used to dealing with client expectations that sit along a broad spectrum.

You will have those who trust you 100% and are happy for your to take the lead, are open to ideas, and absolutely love working with you and then there are those who seem to be sceptical about everything, are reluctant to change their ways, and don’t value or appreciate the amount of work and money it takes to do what you do.

7th March 2018

GDPR and Big Data: Why it Will Benefit Us All

Another long week travelling, meeting and planning for Beacon. Another tired flight home; now I am looking out over a sea of fluffy white clouds and thinking about data lakes and GDPR.
The term “data lake” is currently in vogue, in an attempt to sexify the technical and mysterious task of delving into a vast amount of big data and bringing up pearls of information.

6th February 2018

Social Media Analytics – Born of Frustration

There was great rock song a few years back by the band James. Admittedly Born of Frustration was more to do with relationships than social media but the sentiment stayed with us and resonated more in our experiences when running a digital agency over the past few years.

17th January 2018

This is the Year that Big Data Becomes Meaningful for All Businesses

Like all small businesses we are always looking for competitive advantage in an innovative market.
We firmly believe that 2018 is the year when the value of big data starts to have a significant impact on small and medium size enterprises in a way that just hasn’t been possible until now.

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