18th December 2020

The big 10 digital marketing trends in 2021

The pandemic has had a fundamental effect on the way people interact and this is reflected in many of the digital marketing trends 2021.

Businesses and brands need to be prepared to dedicate more resources to social media and digital marketing trends 2021 according to DaBrian Marketing.

21st July 2020

How to Improve the SEO of your WordPress Blog: A Practical Guide

Why you want to improve your SEO should be obvious, the better your SEO the chances are more people will find your content and come to your site. If you have quality content this will show will enhance your brand and you will gain the trust of your visitors. Not many will turn in to leads and customers but if you continue to provide value then some will.

16th June 2020

Using another encryption inside HTTPS – why we do it

In this blog we look at encryption and why it’s used, consider why double encrypting data is classed as taboo in development and explain why Beacon uses double encryption in specific systems.
Encryption’s primary purpose is to protect against brute force attacks or Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks.

19th May 2020

Our Expert Guide On How To Meet The Work From Home Challenge

In this time of upheaval, many more people are finding they’re having to switch from their daily office commute and set up a workspace within their home environment.

We’ve spoken to colleagues and other experts who are big proponents of the WFH movement to see how the current stay at home situation is affecting them and their business.

24th March 2020

The rush to relevance in the ‘new normal’

I’ve had many conversations recently, as I’m sure you have, about the current bizarre business world we find ourselves in and the ‘new normal’.

As you (probably) sit at home working, many things won’t have changed. And yet the streets are deserted, governments are taking extraordinary decisions, stock markets have gone off a cliff, and customers and suppliers are distracted by things that weren’t even on their radar four weeks ago.

21st February 2020

What is Click Fraud and How to Identify and Mitigate Against it.

We’ve published a lot about click fraud but what IS click fraud and do you know how to identify and mitigate against it properly?

This blog intends to give you all the necessary information and tools so you can go away and look at your own social media and digital marketing analytics and pick out what could be bots directing traffic to your website.

13th January 2020

How Can Digital Marketing Measurement Platforms Help Your Business?

One of the biggest challenges budding marketers face is finding ways to track and measure their success through digital marketing measurement.

Whether you’re keeping track of marketing for your own businesses, or your client’s, you need to be able to see where you’re making gains, and where you should scale back.

6th January 2020

Technology Stacks and Changes as Beacon Grows

Keeping track of technology has always been a problem for companies and even more so for those companies that use a lot of IT infrastructure.

Beaconsoft is no different. Here we have constantly evolving developer systems for testing purposes.

24th December 2019

Beacon Tracker (BWAI) and Same Site Security.

We have been asked a few times about the new rules regarding SafeSite cookies that are going to be fully implemented in Google Chrome and Google Chrome based browsers from February. This blog post is to explain what these changes mean for your use of Beacon.

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