6th December 2018

5 Awesome And Easy Ideas To Help Your Christmas Marketing

It’s that most wonderful time of the year and most people will already have plans in place for their Christmas marketing.
But, if you’re one of those who always leaves it to the last minute, then here’s our five awesome (and easy) ideas to help your organisation’s Christmas marketing.

24th August 2018

Using Trello to Manage Our Marketing

Karen Davies, Outreach Manager for social and web analytics engine Beacon, discusses her processes and how she found Trello to be an invaluable tool in workload management.

You’ve probably tried a number of different tools to help manage your work tasks and make the most of your time.

After doing the same for many years, I thought I’d drop my notes into a blog so others can read about my personal experience with Trello and how it can help fellow Beacon users with their social media marketing activities.

1st August 2018

Our Top 8 Link Shorteners

If you’re a digital marketer or promote your business/brand online, there’s a good chance you’ve already ventured into the world of link shorteners.

Shorter URLs save space, taking up far less room on marketing communications and making everything look a little tidier, but there’s more to it than that. Many tools on the market also enable users to track short URLs for better measurement of marketing activities.

23rd July 2018

How Ad Fraud Is Killing Your Marketing

Ad fraud is killing your marketing. It’s a bold claim to make but it’s fully justified by recent events across the industry which have highlighted failings and exposed weaknesses. And it’s affecting big business.

26th June 2018

Technological Disruption In The Built Environment

I have been fortunate to spend a couple of hours at Vision 2018: The Future of the Built Environment at the Business Design Centre in London, 21-22 June for some research we are carrying out with our partners at The Carto Group.

15th June 2018

Why AI is great for better data and improved data processing

I’ve been a big fan of Chris Field’s “Sunday Soundbites” for some time now. Chris owns Fieldworks, an award-winning retail specialist PR and digital content marketing agency.

Chris wrote a piece back in November 2017 entitled “Six things I just learned about Artificial Intelligence” which I’ve been meaning to get round to thinking about, as it is focused on the use of AI by retailers and his concerns about the path that some retailers are taking.

9th May 2018

Our Pick Of The Best UK Tech Events 2018

Although we’re almost halfway into the year there’s still plenty of great opportunities to come so here’s our pick of the best UK tech events 2018 has left to offer. Leeds International Festival 2018 28-April – 12 May // Leeds https://leedsinternationalfestival.com/ https://twitter.com/LeedsIntFest The Leeds International Festival is the UK’s leading metropolitan festival of new ideas […]

23rd March 2018

10 Reasons To Check Out Leeds Digital Festival

Leeds is a great city buzzing with tech startups, big design agencies, and a hub of digital activities and events. It’s also where our Beacon design and development studio is based and we love to get involved with the various tech events and activities that surround us.