9th December 2019

How To Find The Balance In Managing Client Expectations

As a marketing agency you are probably used to dealing with client expectations that sit along a broad spectrum.

You will have those who trust you 100% and are happy for your to take the lead, are open to ideas, and absolutely love working with you and then there are those who seem to be sceptical about everything, are reluctant to change their ways, and don’t value or appreciate the amount of work and money it takes to do what you do.

22nd October 2019

How To Identify Low-Quality Content On Your Website

Have you ever considered that some of the content on your website might be damaging your brand because Google considers it to be low-quality content?

If you’ve read our free ebook then you’ll be familiar with evergreen content and how to use that to your advantage. But you should also know how to identify the opposite – content which is thin or of very little value to your website visitors

15th October 2019

Future Technology To Look Out For In 2020 And Beyond

With just a few months to go what future technology should be on your radar and which disruptive tech will be making the headlines in 2020?

As has been the case for a few years, AI, VR and Cryptocurrency are just three of the emergent tech trends which are expected to continue to contribute to the industry as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand into daily life.

13th September 2019

The Importance Of Conversion Tracking For Your Business

Conversion tracking. What is it and why is it so difficult to record? Simply put, it is the means by which media performance is measured against Key Performance Indicators for any given campaign.

But of course, it’s not that simple. Conversion tracking is one of the most difficult things for a digital agency to be able to report on to their clients. This is because they don’t always have all the available data from the client end.

22nd August 2019

Bot Clicks – What you Need to Know, and How to Beat Them

If you use social media at all then the chances are you’ve heard the “fake news” and “Russian bot clicks won the US Election for Donald Trump” clarion calls. But how much truth is there in these allegations? Can bot clicks have that much influence on our daily digital lives? Well, if you work with […]

10th May 2019

51% of your clicks could be bots

We have been developing Beacon, the digital marketing intelligence dashboard, for a few years now. It began as a tool to help digital marketing agencies (and ourselves – a team of marketers, creatives and digital designers) gain better insights into the social media and PPC campaigns we were running for our clients. We didn’t intentionally […]