24th June 2020

Is my social media marketing working?

Working in marketing the biggest question I think most of us ask is how effective we’re being and if our social media marketing actually does anything.
Drawing up a report for our clients, we often have to struggle to find the evidence to justify the budget spend and to demonstrate that posts on social media platforms are worth the cost.

26th May 2020

How To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Here at Beacon we’re constantly referring to content marketing strategy and how it’s important to get this right as part of your overall digital marketing activities.

The adage “content is king” so clearly declared by Bill Gates way back in 1996, still holds true more than two decades later.

19th May 2020

Our Expert Guide On How To Meet The Work From Home Challenge

In this time of upheaval, many more people are finding they’re having to switch from their daily office commute and set up a workspace within their home environment.

We’ve spoken to colleagues and other experts who are big proponents of the WFH movement to see how the current stay at home situation is affecting them and their business.

20th April 2020

Introducing the Digital Marketing ROI Improvement Calculator

During these uncertain times, with businesses and agencies alike scaling back and reviewing their marketing budgets, it is more important than ever to know how effective our ad spend really is. This is especially important for ensuring marketing ROI improvement.

According to some media buyers and planners, and marketers, COVID-19 will have a bigger impact on advertising than the global financial crash of 2008. With this in mind, we wanted to do something to help our fellow digital marketers gain insight and learn how to better navigate in this uncertain landscape.

17th April 2020

The Battle Against The Monster Bots Podcast

Beacon’s Nigel Bridges and Stewart Boutcher made a special visit to the Leeds Businesses Podcast to chat to hosts Rudy Heywood from Famous Wolf Social Media Agency and Steve Twynham from Inspire Radio.

In the podcast Nigel and Stewart talk about the work they’ve been doing with a number of agencies in the fight against the monster bots that steal your marketing budget on Google and Facebook.

9th April 2020

Are we being conned investing in online advertising?

The whole online advertising ad market is a business that simply sucks in our advertising and marketing dollars and wastes the bulk of it.

For example, in programmatic advertising somewhere between 40% and 70% of advertising spend goes into the pockets of the middlemen and the Martech stack rather than the front line ad itself.

24th March 2020

The rush to relevance in the ‘new normal’

I’ve had many conversations recently, as I’m sure you have, about the current bizarre business world we find ourselves in and the ‘new normal’.

As you (probably) sit at home working, many things won’t have changed. And yet the streets are deserted, governments are taking extraordinary decisions, stock markets have gone off a cliff, and customers and suppliers are distracted by things that weren’t even on their radar four weeks ago.

23rd March 2020

What is a marketing insight and why is it important?

A marketing insight – what is it and why should it be of importance to your business and a key part of any promotional strategy?

At its most simple, a marketing insight is a valuable piece of information which comes via research or data analysis and which can be directly actioned upon to benefit your business strategy.