7th January 2021

How Could Uber cut its ad spend by $100m and see no drop in conversion?

When Uber turned off two-thirds of their annual advertising budget – around $100m – you could be forgiven for thinking there would be consequences to their actions.
But, because of ad fraud, attribution fraud in particular, the ride-share company found basically no change in the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

18th December 2020

The big 10 digital marketing trends in 2021

The pandemic has had a fundamental effect on the way people interact and this is reflected in many of the digital marketing trends 2021.

Businesses and brands need to be prepared to dedicate more resources to social media and digital marketing trends 2021 according to DaBrian Marketing.

24th November 2020

Google launches a new type of ad – audio ads

Whether you’re a digital marketer or not the chances are you’ll have used streaming media for a variety of options and will have been exposed to audio ads at some point or another.
So the news that Google has just released its latest ad type into beta shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

23rd November 2020

Best of the Christmas adverts 2020

‘Tis almost the season to be jolly and the festive adverts have been dropping for a few weeks now.
Christmas 2020 is going to be different, no matter what happens in the next few weeks, a lot of people will be isolating as the pandemic makes gathering with family and friends very difficult.

6th November 2020

Is Ad Fraud damaging your brand reputation?

Digital ad fraud is more than just lost revenue. It can affect your brand reputation if your adverts appear alongside problematic content.
Not monitoring your online advertising could mean your brand is inadvertently helping human traffickers, terrorists or being associated with other criminal activity.

3rd November 2020

How to create an effective marketing campaign

NOTE: Blog updated 07/01/2021.

Knowing how to create an effective marketing campaign is important as digital ad spend was forecast to rise in 2020.

According to Bill Fisher at eMarketer, digital ad spending in the UK was to grow by 0.3% in 2020 to reach £15.08 billion ($19.25 billion).

23rd October 2020

Improve online conversion using human psychology – CXL review

How do I create compelling and persuasive website content that really spurs visitors on to take action? What should I add to my product page or checkout process that will ensure the buyer completes their purchase? As marketers, we’re always striving for the answers to these conversion challenges. Always tweaking content and testing web page […]

7th October 2020

Brighton SEO 2020 Key Takeaways

Brighton SEO is the biggest SEO conference in the world. And once again, it lived up to its reputation. 

Although online this year, Brighton SEO 2020, was packed to the brim with great talks from speakers that really know their stuff.