23rd July 2018

How Ad Fraud Is Killing Your Marketing

Ad fraud is killing your marketing. It’s a bold claim to make but it’s fully justified by recent events across the industry which have highlighted failings and exposed weaknesses. And it’s affecting big business.

15th June 2018

Why AI is great for better data and improved data processing

I’ve been a big fan of Chris Field’s “Sunday Soundbites” for some time now. Chris owns Fieldworks, an award-winning retail specialist PR and digital content marketing agency.

Chris wrote a piece back in November 2017 entitled “Six things I just learned about Artificial Intelligence” which I’ve been meaning to get round to thinking about, as it is focused on the use of AI by retailers and his concerns about the path that some retailers are taking.

23rd March 2018

10 Reasons To Check Out Leeds Digital Festival

Leeds is a great city buzzing with tech startups, big design agencies, and a hub of digital activities and events. It’s also where our Beacon design and development studio is based and we love to get involved with the various tech events and activities that surround us.

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