17th February 2021

Marketing analytics tools you need in 2021

Working from home has become the new norm for many and as Spring approaches with brighter days and hope of a return to normal, we’ve put together a guide to the marketing analytics tools you need to succeed in 2021. Website Analytics Google Analytics Still the most well-renowned marketing analytics tool, Google Analytics covers a […]

12th February 2021

How to see PPC analytics in Beacon

Being able to see PPC analytics in Beacon is one of the platform’s key benefits as it allows digital marketers easy access to vital PPC campaign data. There’s a minefield of information available through Google Analytics and Ad platforms so being able to identify PPC campaign performance comes fraught with time-consuming and laborious effort. How […]

7th February 2020

Check out Beacon’s new marketing report generator

Analysing marketing data from different sources takes almost 4 hours a week according to Hubspot, and it can be a frustrating task generating marketing reports that make sense, look great, and tell a meaningful story about the success and struggles of your digital marketing campaigns. Here at Beacon, we understand this. Coming from a digital […]

24th December 2019

Beacon Tracker (BWAI) and Same Site Security.

We have been asked a few times about the new rules regarding SafeSite cookies that are going to be fully implemented in Google Chrome and Google Chrome based browsers from February. This blog post is to explain what these changes mean for your use of Beacon.

10th May 2019

Half of Your Clicks Could be Bots

Anyone working in digital marketing knows that click bots are one of the biggest issues facing the industry when it comes to lost revenue. We have been developing Beacon, the digital marketing intelligence dashboard, for a few years now. It began as a tool to help digital marketing agencies (and ourselves – a team of […]

26th April 2019

The bots are coming: follow up

To those of you who managed to make it along to our Leeds Digital Festival event on Wednesday 24th April, thank you! We appreciate your support and interest and hope that this follow on blog will be useful for you to get some of the detail you may have missed in the heat of the […]

1st February 2019

Finding the best analytics software for your team

Running marketing and social media for any organisation is a time-consuming task and we all look to find ways of making it easier using the best analytics software.

Social media managing tools, including web analytics and traffic monitoring options, can help marketers save time, stay organised, and optimise their efficiency.

23rd January 2019

3 things you really need to measure in your business

Making the business case for investing in marketing insight software should be an easy sell to your marketing department but it might not be as simple when it comes to those who handle the budgets. However, we think that there are three things you really need to measure in your business which you can use […]

7th September 2018

Digital marketing channels & multi-channel support!

Beacon’s latest app version is introducing multi-channel support and we’re excited about the greater potential for accurate web analytics.

We originally built Beacon to bridge the gap between social media posts and website visitor behaviour and outcomes by providing next-level web analytics.

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