Whitwam Group provides installations of audio visual to private and public buildings, as well as delivering event production solutions.

Their work includes integrating specialist AV installations in buildings ranging from Westminster Abbey to Global Oil Headquarters, through to delivering event production solutions across the UK and Europe.

With Videofrog as the video engine for creative agencies, Whitwam offers a diverse and exciting range of B2B solutions.

The companies within the Group are:
www.whitwamavi.co.uk, www.designedeventproduction.co.uk and www.videofrog.tv

Beacon gives visibility of social media ROI for video production company, Video Frog, part of the Whitwam Group

The challenge

The Marketing Manager, Alice Bloor, wanted to solve the problem of quantifying social media traffic to their websites from social media and to understand the value and ROI of that traffic.

How Whitwam use Beacon

Alice uses Beacon alongside Google Analytics. Google Analytics is used to measure organic and direct website traffic that isn’t related to campaigns, and Beacon is used for the analytics on all campaign traffic.

Beacon proves social media ROI

Beacon gives Alice visibility of where repeat visitors began their on-site journey. It shows which messages and social content (blogs & videos) are generating engaged visitors and leads.

“Beacon and Google Analytics do everything between them. I keep the Beacon dashboard open all day and check in regularly to see how my campaigns are getting on. It’s added a huge amount of value to me in my job.”

“Beacon is very simple to use and understand. It allows me to quickly see how well each channel is working. Beacon makes my life as marketing manager much simpler when managing digital campaigns.”

Alice Bloor, Marketing Manager

Alice is empowered with data on social media ROI that she shares with the MD and her team, to make better marketing decisions.