The Challenge

Our client, OTTY, a leading mattress specialist, spends significant amounts of digital ad spend on its Facebook and Google campaigns.

Like most PPC advertisers, they were aware of click fraud, but had no idea just how much it was impacting their campaigns.

With growth in sales through their online channel, the Digital Marketing Manager was keen to remedy the problem and have confidence that the PPC campaigns are performing at their best before increasing ad spend further.

bot traffic on Otty's Facebook ads before using Beacon

The Solution

OTTY deployed Beacon’s click fraud protection across its paid campaigns and within just two months, we drastically reduced their invalid bot traffic.

The very heart of Beacon is our highly capable bot detection engine, from which we can block bots from engaging with paid adverts. Beacon’s focus is to continue detecting and blocking bots faster and more effectively, to save our customers from wasting their budgets on non-human traffic.

"Beacon has eliminated 60% of invalid, non-human clicks! We're now reaching more real people with our ads, giving us much better value from our ad spend.”
Andrew Jacobs, Digital Marketing Manager, OTTY