London Salsa is the leading listings site for all things salsa in London. Hosting listings for thousands of classes, dances, workshops, band nights and social events across the city and beyond.

London Salsa encourages its hosts to add details of healthy activities via their events platform free of charge. There are more than 2,500 of them at present, with some listing on and others on similar websites.

“The Beacon marketing dashboard is enabling us to track how we are positively impacting our host businesses. Using Beacon, we send professional client reports which show campaign results i.e users generated via each channel, growth and ROI from working in partnership with London Salsa.”

Leigh Adams, LondonSalsa

Marketing dashboard evidences success of London Salsa campaigns

London Salsa uses Beacon to track how the company’s apps and websites are helping their hosts to achieve their advertising goals.

Being able to demonstrate the effectiveness of using Beacon tracking for newsletter campaigns means London Salsa can provide clear evidence to their host clients that people are visiting their website.

The Beacon campaign dashboard gives Leigh an ‘at a glance’ overview of each of his clients accounts.

Leigh checks the dashboard daily, and uses the Beacon Visits feature to monitor patterns in days and time of day when host campaigns are generating results.

He can also easily track and report on website traffic and ticket sales by channel and campaign.