The Linx International Group is at the forefront of classroom and distance learning courses, regarded by many as “the BMW” in the field of quality security management and technical training courses.

The marketing challenge

Sean Ridley, Digital Marketing Coordinator, had no way of understanding if any digital campaigns were actually working; he couldn’t join together campaign posting, especially on social media, with orders placed on the website.

Beacon reveals key insights around visitor drop-off

Sean first tried Beacon with a single email campaign, using Beacon tracked links to join up user clicks with the visitor journey on the website, which saw immediate results. Sean explains:

“Suddenly, we had insight into user journeys. We realised that mid-way through the sign-up process, people were being distracted by other courses. This was causing visitor drop-off. Beacon made that clear to us and allowed us to effect changes to our websites, both in terms of rapid minor tweaks and planned future website development.”

“After that, we just had to implement Beacon across the entire group.”

Beacon has been a key weapon in Sean’s armory when planning and implementing digital campaigns. Sean is clear on the value of Beacon:

“Due to real time knowledge; were able to make changes very quickly during the campaign. As a result we have lessened the drop-off by roughly 60% which is huge.”

“That would not have happened if we hadn’t used Beacon to understand form failure and be able to change things very quickly.”

“Additionally, we learnt that people would come in looking at one specific course on distance learning and then look at a practical classroom course; that knowledge allowed our sales team to be able to have better conversation with prospects; even those who signed up for distance courses.”

Sean uses Beacon alongside Google Analytics throughout the group.

“Google Analytics shows what happens on the website as a whole, Beacon shows what is happening for Campaign traffic. It is a mistake to think that Google Analytics does everything.”

“Especially when running social campaigns, using Beacon is a boon, as whilst you could get data about social from Google Analytics, you have to set lots of things up just to see data from one tweet, for example.”

“With Beacon it just happens out of the box. Beacon helps me make sense of all my campaign data. Google Analytics doesn’t.”

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