The challenge

This performance marketing agency work primarily in the online betting sector and its team are passionate about data and technology. Their expertise meant that, unlike many online advertisers, they were well-aware of the growing global issue of ad fraud and how it impacts paid media campaigns. With a deep understanding of the issue, the agency knew what kind of solution was needed to deliver real results for their clients.

The solution

The agency team conducted meticulous examination of ad fraud platforms and their detection methodologies. They chose Beacon as it offers automated protection against ad fraud and is based on multi-layered detection methods which combine visitor journey tracking, fingerprinting and AI to detect non-human traffic with accuracy.

Traffic audit findings

The agency ran a trial with one of their online gaming clients. Beacon detected 45.2% invalid, non-human traffic with the peak above 60% on one campaign during the 2-week detection phase.

Online gaming beacon case study - detect stageBeacon detection phase


▶ Invalid traffic reduced from 45.2% to 7% in 4 months
▶ Budget effectiveness increased from 54% to 93% 
▶ 25% reduction in CPC (cost per click)


Beacon case study - online gaming

With Beacon ad fraud protection

Prevention of sophisticated bot traffic

Bot traffic can be defined as any online internet traffic that is not generated by a human. With over 50% of the internet estimated to be bot traffic, it’s clear that bots can be found almost everywhere and on virtually every website.

Improved campaign optimisation

The removal of invalid traffic allows for cleaner, more accurate campaign measurement and reporting, without bots skewing the data.

Ready to get started?

Beacon provides improved campaign performance across Google and Microsoft Search and Display Ads, Facebook, FAN and Instagram. It’s installed in minutes with no impact on operations or existing marketing tech.