Hyundai Power Products, the trading name of Genpower, is the official UK store for garden machinery, generators, lawnmowers, air compressors, water pumps and more. Rated excellent on Trust Pilot with over 6,000 reviews, Google and Facebook Ads are key to their new customer acquisition strategy.

The problem

Invalid traffic 36% of campaign clicks

Running a Beacon trial gave the team visibility on the extent of invalid traffic on their campaigns. Like many E-commerce businesses, they were hit by bots that were clicking on their ads, accounting for 36% on average of their campaign traffic.


With Beacon click fraud protection in place, the results were noticeable very quickly and in just 2 weeks Hyundai saw a 24% reduction in fraudulent traffic. This gave them over 20,000 more clicks from legitimate human visitors.

The positive impact on the campaign showed Genpower just how powerful Beacon could be. With Beacon, the value of its click fraud protection is clear, and the benefits are far reaching as the campaign costs have all reduced too.

• 24% reduction in invalid bot traffic
• 78% reduction in CPL (Cost per Lead)
• 32% drop in CPV (Cost Per Visitor)
• 22% reduction in CPC (Cost Per Click)

After just a few weeks, Beacon has demonstrated that it makes a huge difference to campaign performance and quality of new customer lead acquisition.

Ready to get started and start seeing results?

Beacon provides click fraud protection and improved campaign performance across Google and Microsoft Search and Display Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook, FAN and Instagram.

With just a single line of code, Beacon is installed in minutes. We offer a free 14-day traffic audit and click fraud report.