Beacon enabled Chatter to save time on their campaign reporting and give better insights to their clients.

Award winning employer brand agency Chatter work with clients from across the UK and throughout Europe.

How did Chatter approach client reporting before using Beacon?

Chatter runs media campaigns for clients across a wide variety of job boards, PPC channels and aggregators.  For some time, they had been trying to use a mixture of Google Analytics and Data Studio to bring all that data together and effectively report on campaign performance.  But setting it all up was time consuming and generating and checking reports was also taking up regular time and effort that could be better used elsewhere.

“When we first saw Beacon, we were probably not a typical customer, in that it was the ability to quickly and simply generate attractive PDF campaign reports and comparisons that was the biggest draw for us. With the added benefits around bot detection as a bonus!”

Chatter is now in the process of rolling out Beacon to most of their clients, as an added reporting option they can buy to provide greater insight into how many candidates they’re attracting, where they come from and how many of them convert to applications from each source.

Testimonial from Jon Davies of Chatter for Beacon marketing analytics platform

How Beacon helped Chatter take a more agile and informed approach to client campaigns

Beacon is helping Chatter take a more agile and informed approach to how they spend client media budgets.

“We’re able to give clients much better insight into what’s working for them and not only provide end of campaign reports, but also keep track and spot media issues during the campaign too. We’re hopefully that longer term we can even begin to use wasted ad spend data to drive better deals from media based on past performance.”

A huge time-saving

Beacon saves Chatter hours each month, by reducing the time spent pulling together data from multiple sources to create end of campaign reports.

In the past, the time needed to create reports meant they’d only be done for larger campaigns.

Automation of reporting means that we’ve been able to generate reports even on smaller campaigns where usually there just wouldn’t have been the budget to spend the time on reporting. That in turn means we’re armed with the information on what works to help encourage clients to increase their spend next time around.”

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