No more time-consuming spreadsheets!

Save time and manage your marketing campaigns in one place.

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Organise your campaigns

Create and manage your social, email, and PPC campaigns all from one platform

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Track visits and leads

Measure visitor journeys from tracked links used in your marketing

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Gain incredible insights

Cut through the noise and see the real results you need to maximise your campaigns

Manage and report on all your campaigns in one place

  • Keep track of all your digital channels, including social media, email campaigns, and PPC ads
  • View your campaign success at a glance, and see which areas are performing best
  • Compare and contrast your campaigns, build upon your success and do more of what works

Generate tracked links for digital marketing campaigns

  • Quickly create multiple tracked links and organise them with ease
  • Measure visitor journeys from your links on online channel
  • Report on link clicks, human visitors, and page actions from any tracked link used in your marketing

Get a detailed report on your campaign results

  • Discover your true cost per visit and see which channel is driving the most engaged traffic
  • Calculate the return on investment and money wasted by bot clicks
  • See the results other platforms like Google Ads and Facebook don’t tell you

“Beacon makes my life as Marketing Manager much simpler when managing all my digital campaigns.”

Alice B, Marketing Manager

How do I get started?

1. Book a personalised demo

Pick a slot and one of our experts will discuss your needs and give you a tour of the Beacon features that can help your business.

2. Discover the value

A member of our team will take you through a discovery session where we work out how to use Beacon to optimise your web traffic and marketing campaigns to increase the revenue for you and your clients.

3. Experience the results

During the trial you’ll experience the true results of your digital marketing campaigns, and understand how Beacon helps improve your marketing by doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.