Build an audience on social.

To succeed on social you need a tool to help identify, acquire and retain followers. Let us show you how Beacon can help you develop and nurture a relationship with your audience.

The challenge

You need to build an audience for your organisation. You know who your audience should be but you need a tool to help identify them, build them in quality and quantity and retain them. You need to ensure that your target audience are as engaged as possible.

How Beacon helps

Beacon measures engagement across multiple social platforms and tracks the website traffic generated by your social posts. This unlocks the data hidden in your social marketing by revealing exactly which online content is better at driving visitors to your website and which pages engage your audience best.

With this knowledge you can constantly refine and build your brand messages to better maximise existing audience engagement, whilst increasing your reach and attracting new followers.

Track all digital visits

Target and track visits from social and email, understand how this traffic behaves and tweak your campaign and content to improve engagement

Improve campaign effectiveness

Manage and measure all your social posts and email activity against specific campaigns, allowing cross campaign testing to improve effectiveness

Post-level brand awareness

Attribute social activity and individual posts to specific actions on your website, such as dwell time and downloads

Know your audience

Build relationships with your audience, followers and fans, and tailor specific messages based on how they respond, globally

Know what works

The constant feedback mechanism builds and reinforces your brand messages to your target audience through the digital medium that they prefer to engage with

Indespensible tool

Use Beacon with other tools in your online toolbox to drive better results, spend less and grow your audience!

Know what really engages your social audience. Get started today.