Reveal the truth about your PPC campaigns

Most brands are unaware of the extent of the click fraud problem, simply because PPC analytics aren’t showing you how much of your campaign traffic is actually fake. We help you to see beyond the clicks and impressions to the campaign data that matters, that’s genuine (human) clicks and conversions.

Amazing support from an expert team

You’ll enjoy excellent customer support, through the set-up, onboarding and lifetime of using Beacon to protect your PPC. The dashboard itself is really intuitive, it’s so easy to use and see the reduction in invalid traffic and improvements to campaign performance.

Automated, always-on protection 

It’s so easy to get started using Beacon to protect your Google and Microsoft ads and once it’s connected and working its magic, you can sit back knowing Beacon is always on, monitoring your traffic and protecting your accounts against dubious clicks.

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Beacon is an award-winning technology platform recognised in the industry as a champion for transparent and accurate marketing data you can trust.