An infected marketing ecosystem

Paid search is a significant spend in many businesses and around 40% of your marketing budget could be being lost to bots and click fraud. This invalid traffic goes unreported in analytics tools and poor quality data can be detrimental to how campaign performance is measured and what actions are taken.

Only 54% of marketing decisions are being influenced by marketing analytics according to Gartner’s latest Marketing Data and Analytics Survey 2020, citing poor data quality as a key issue.

We help brands uncover true data 

With Beacon helping you to measure the impact of your online marketing, you’ll have more time to spend analysing and making informed decisions about which campaigns drive the best engagement and conversion for higher ROI.

Reports that are sure to impress

Produce stunning campaign reports that perfectly showcase your campaign performance and reduction in click fraud.  Customise your reports for each stakeholder, including your CMO and digital teams — with a fully editable executive summary and campaign overview.

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